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Date : 14-03-12 16:26
KCS Student Award (by April 30)
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* KCS Student Award

The Korean Carbon Society is pleased to inform you of the creation of KCS Student Award for outstanding
presentations at the Carbon2014. This award is applicable only for the student presenters of both oral and poster presentations.

The winners will be selected during the Carbon2014 and presented with a cash prize as below;

- Oral presentation (2 selected presentations) : USD 500 (five hundred) for each student
- Poster presentation (3 selected presentations) : USD 300 (three hundred) for each student

(1) It’s not acceptable if the applicant is not a student
(2) The applicant should complete early registration.

If your abstract has been accepted for oral or poster presentation and you want to apply for this award, please
send your name & abstract no. by April 30, 2014.